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Thank you to these great Southlake families for their support!

Southlake Mayor Laura Hill and Joe McSweeney

Hon. Shawn and Laura McCaskill

Hon. Randy and Amy Williamson

Hon. Chad and Tracey Patton

Hon. Ronell and Rachel Smith

Hon. Kathy and Mike Talley

State Representative Giovanni and Elisa Capriglione

Former Southlake Mayor and current Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes

Former Southlake Mayor Rick Stacy

Former Southlake Mayor John and Joanne Terrell

Former Southlake City Councilmember Chris and Stacey Archer

Former Southlake City Councilman Martin and Linda Schelling 

Former Southlake City Councilman Jeff and Catherine Wang 

Former Southlake City Councilman Gary and Elizabeth Fawks

Former Southlake City Councilman Brandon and Juli Bledsoe

Former Carroll ISD Trustee John and Libby Thane

Congresswoman Beth Van Duyne (TX-24)

Former Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX-24)

Chairman Dan and Alli Kubiak (Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission)

Chairman Jeff and Pamela Medici (Southlake Zoning Board of Adjustments)

Chairwoman Frances Scharli (Southlake Parks Board)

Vice Chairman Mike Forman (Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission)

Scott Dyche (Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission)

Gina Phalen (Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission)

Peggy and Craig Rothmeier (Former Carroll ISD Trustee, Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission)

Austin Reynolds (Southlake Planning and Zoning Commission)

Trey and Stacey Verbick (Southlake Zoning Board of Adjustments)

Clinton and Audra Snead (Southlake Zoning Board of Adjustments)

Bob and Marie Kemins (Southlake Zoning Board of Adjustments)

Tom and Susan DeCaro (Southlake Community Enhancement and Development Corp.)

Dr. Magdalena Battles, Ph.D. (Southlake Parks Board)

Francene and Paul Venesky (Vice Chair, Southlake Parks Board)

Kim and Chad Bedwell (Southlake Parks Board)

Carl and MaryLee Alford (Southlake Senior Advisory Commission)

Chairwoman Tamara and Ken McMillan (Southlake Arts Council and Bob Jones Nature Center Board, Southlake Crime Control and Prevention District)

Mimi and Dr. Trung Tran (Southlake Arts Council)

Lori Palmer (Southlake Parks Development Corporation)

Atin Agarwal

Carly Alacahan

Carrie Alaniz

Ali and Andy Allen

Candice and JohnChris Allison

Peter Amstutz and Dr. Kirran Moss, Ed.D.

Nancy and Todd Anderson

Lisa and Billy Avila

Janet and Rick Baker

Ashwin Bakshi

Jag Bandla

Daisy and Jeff Bartlett

Amy and Kirk Becker

Claudia and Paul Blight

Shannon and Ethan Bruner

Aimee and Boyd Burnett

Jennifer Casey

Lori and David Cerami

Moria Chaparro

Michele and David Ciccone

Eva and Joe Coniglio

Jeannie and Steve Cook

Leslie and Toby Cotton

Christy Cox-Sabo

Lauren and Clay Cristy

Christine and Michael Davis

Amanda de Pingre

Kathy and Leo Del Calvo

Jenerra and Jason Del Calvo

Darcy and Matt Deno

Marla Donohue

James Durham

Tara and Scott Eddins

Kim and Travis Franks

Angela Fraser

Jayme and Dr. Kelly Frasier

Vashist Garlapati

Jessica and Brian Gaudin

Kathryn and Kevin Gerrity

Lyndsay and Chris Greer

Chuck Hahn

Tricia and Shawn Hamell

Lisa Harrington

Dr. Howard Harris

Lynda Haworth

Michelle and Austin Hilton

Virginia and Dr. Roth Hinkle

Pam and Dr. James Holt

Beth and Jeff Isler

Gopi Kandukuri

Billy Karant

Saniya Kashif

Kristine and Gary Kemp

Anil Kilaru

Rhonda and Greg Kraus

Lottie Kreiger

Dr. Bonnie Kumar and Rachan Rao

Ayn and Paul Laherty

Wendy and Eric Lang

Rebecca and Shane Langston

Parvez Malik

Ashok Narayanan

Bill and Phyllis Lafavors

Mike Lafavors

Lavonda and Pug Landrum

Todd Lange

Amy and Scott Lepp

Dana Mackie

Diana and Guarav Mavinkurve

Andrea and Payton Mayes

Ashley and Dusty Messick

Ashley Miller

Pattie and Dennis Minder

The Milner Family

Stephenie and Jason Minor

K. Monier

Pam and Jim Parsons

Trusha and Dr. Anthony Patel

Gloria and Bruce Paul

Brooke and Mike Pazera

Erin and Ryan Peabody

Stacey and John Pehrson

Jamie Pena

Bonnie and Chris Pendergrass

Shelley Perdue

Deena Powers

Regan Priakos

Leah and Trent Pruitt

Paulina Purnama

Esther and Chris Purpura

Vikram Reddy

Mercedes and Brett Reed

Jennifer and Dr. Randy Robbins

Beth and Tandy Roberson

Patty and Craig Rogers

Dee and John Rollins

Rachel and Tommy Rubin

Elizabeth and Stephen Rumpler

Susan and Dallas Rysavy

Raman Sanapala

Mandi and Cody Savage

Beth and Ray Semademi

Jeriann and Byron Severson

Anthony Shelton

Karin and Chris Sherman

Steve Simcox

Anita and Randy Sims

Karen Smith

Beth and Scott Stephens

Jenny and Glenn Story

Renee Sweeney

Taryn and Trevor Tacker

Christina and Chuck Taggart

Tara and Dr. Tyler Tate

Kelli and Michael Tate

Dr. Renee and Dr. John Thomas

Brooke and Matt Thompson

Dr. Jean and Matt Tuggey

Melissa and John Van Til

Paul Venter

Alicia and Chip Wagner

Evette and Peter Wahby

Jolly Walia

Ashley and Mark Welsh

Elizabeth Whatley

Kelly Wills

Bonnie and Bob Van Til

Barb and Rick Walker

Kara and Jay Whillock

Julia and Barry Wyble

Ginny and Jon Young

Karen Zaal

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